Pre/Post Conference Education

Earn your next designation at Pre/Post Conference Education! This year we will be offering the following courses:

Auction Marketing Management (AMM)
Attendees will learn about branding, marketing, audience and messaging, with a heavy technology slant. Some of the topics covered are advanced Facebook marketing, online metrics (generally through Google analytics), and some traditional marketing.

Certified Estate Specialist (CES)
The National Auctioneers Association’s program designed to help professional auctioneers understand how to properly conduct and deal with the settling of estates. The course also educates professional auctioneers on working with family members and dealing

Interpersonal Communications for Auction Professionals (ICAP)
Interpersonal communication is the process by which people exchange information, feelings, and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages. The class will provide participants an opportunity to enhance their interpersonal communications skills with techniques and opportunities for insight and self-awareness through educational, situational and practical exercises. Proper use and knowledge of these skills will positively affect your negotiations with clients, presentation skills, auctioneering and competition strategies.

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) 7 hour
If you are currently USPAP compliant, this course will renew your compliance for another two years. Keep abreast of all the changes (and there are many) instituted in 2016.

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