Business Basics Bonus Session: Contracts Roundtable Discussion

Moderator: Patrick Desmond, BAS

Many benefit auctioneers see the value in providing their own contract to their clients, but it’s not always obvious what to include in these contracts. For this roundtable conversation, you will be able to discuss the broad elements that may be included in a benefit auction contract. Be ready to provide and listen to personal experiences with contract negotiations so you can determine the important elements to include.

Upon completing this session, you will be able to:
     1. Identify the essential components that should be included in a contract
     2. Determine the contract elements that protect your interests as well as those of the benefit auction client.
     3. Predict what may be negotiated during the drafting and signing of a benefit auction contract.
     4. Examine shared stories about the experiences of auctioneers while drafting contracts with contract lawyers


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Benefit Auction Summit Task Force
Seth Weiner, BAS, Chair
Sara Rose Bytnar, CAI, AARE, AMM, BAS  (El Trustee)
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Patrick Desmond, BAS
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