Seriously Funny: A Workshop on Capturing Your Benefit Crowd with Comedy

What if as soon as you step onstage you get your audience to STOP TALKING and START LAUGHING? You can! Don’t miss this morning comedy workshop where, right before your very eyes, comedy guru to the stars, Judy Carter will turn even the most humor-impaired auctioneer into a laugh riot.


What am I going to learn?

  1. Openings: Make any audiences stop talking and start laughing in 17 seconds 
  2. Improv Techniques:  Boost audience engagement with spontaneous crowd work
  3. Self-Mocking Exercise: Get likeable by turning your problems into punchlines 
  4. Comedy Formula: Turn any object or topic into laughs
  5. Connect to Audiences: Use Act-Outs such as, “I know what you’re thinking…”
  6. Heckler Techniques: Taking command of an audience and keeping it 

Speaker: Judy Carter

Viewing Format: In-Person & Virtual

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Wednesday, July 27
9:00 - 11:05 a.m., Pacific


Golden State Ballroom and Online