NAA's Digital Marketing Summit 2020

Tech-Byte Ignite-Style Sessions
With so many tech tools available in the marketing world, we’ve asked these presenters to provide the most important and essential info on popular tech tools in a fast-paced, ignite-style series of sessions:

  • Automated Cataloging and Photographing Techniques |Philip R. Gableman, CAI, AMM, GPPA
    • Learn how to utilized in house or third party programs to take the manual labor out of your data handling and make your cataloging and photographing easier.
  • Increasing Efficiency with Facebook and Google Ads Apps | Ambra Walker, AMM
    • Learn how to easily update and manage campaigns, pages, and notifications on the go from a tablet or mobile device.
  • Using a Gimbal to Market Auctions |Erik Rasmus, CAI, AMM
    • Learn how this tool can help make your auctions more attractive by allowing you to obtain valuable marketing content with only a few minutes of your time.
  • Popular App Tools for an Easier Marketing Life | Sarah Boss, AMM, CES
    • Learn what apps are available, who can benefit from them, and how to use them to work from anywhere and make the auction marketing process easier.
Each presenter gets only 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds, giving you 5-minute presentations of the meat without all the stuffing. We’ll open the floor to audience participation and discussion once the presentations conclude. Join us to discuss tech-bytes you can use as auction marketing professionals!

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