Right People, Right Seats: The Art and Science of Building Successful Teams

Speaker:  Tiny Irwin

Hiring and retention are just the beginning. In order to build a high-performing team, you have to ask two critical questions: do my employees align with what we say is important? And, do they have the skills to be successful in their role? In other words, do we have the right people, and are they in the right seats? Tiny Irwin (yes, that's his real name) takes over three decades of experience to show you how to create a culture of success by getting clear on both of these important aspects before you start marketing to hire.

Upon completing this session, you will be able to:
     1. Explain how to determine employee strengths and weaknesses
     2. Identify your company values
     3. Outline important skills for each role
     4. Recognize your company culture

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