NAA's Digital Marketing Summit 2020

Data Analyzation: The Secret Sauce for Successful Social Media Marketing
How do you know if your social media marketing campaign is working? How do you determine what data is important and what can be ignored? How do you analyze the data once you have it? How do you prove marketing plan success to your seller? This session will show you how to find the important data in your social media platforms, apps that can be used to help analyze the data throughout your campaign, and how to explain the data analysis.

Upon completing this session, you will be able to:
1.        Identify what data is important in multiple social media platforms
2.        Track and analyze data to determine ongoing social media marketing success
3.        Use the data to revise current campaigns and plan future marketing
4.        Explain the data to your seller to prove marketing plan success

Sarah Boss, AMM, CES 

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