Keynote: Creating a Limitless Culture (TM)

Speaker: Ben Whiting

When people have a mindset that begins with imagining the impossible; when they feel connected and cared about; and when they can communicate effectively—there are no limits to what they can achieve. No death by Powerpoint here. Creating a Limitless Culture™ is a high energy, high-amazement, and high-impact presentation that will leave your jaw on the floor and leave you inspired. Ben Whiting achieved international success as a magician and mind-reader by creating an atmosphere on stage where the impossible was possible and where human connection had no limits. In this keynote, he will share how you can take that atmosphere from the stage and bring it into your everyday culture.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Magician’s Mindset: Typically, when people try to achieve a goal or solve a problem, they work until they feel it's impossible, then they stop. Magicians on the other hand try to think of the most impossible thing they can, and then they work to make it happen. This incredible mindset can have a profound impact when applied to personal and organizational goals. He’ll also discuss the enemies of mindset, imposter syndrome, comparing, and labels, and how to handle them.
  • Connect Like a Mind Reader: The number one driver of productivity, engagement, and happiness at work, is having quality relationships with the people you work with. In this section of the keynote Ben will use an incredible (and hilarious) feat of mind reading to demonstrate how we can show people we care, and motivate those around us to build high-performing teams.
  • The Magic of Effective Communication: In this section Ben will share simple and direct strategies for communicating to increase productivity, reduce drama, and make sure people don’t just hear you, but want to listen.