Communication Skills for Connection Workshop

Speaker: Ben Whiting

What’s the difference between a great idea communicated poorly and a poor idea? Most would say there’s no difference all, but the reality is there’s a huge loss in value when we can’t communicate valuable ideas. Most people don’t realize that only 10% of what we communicate is in the words we use. The majority of what we communicate is in how we say those words and in our body language. In this breakout session, Ben will use his background in theatre and corporate entertainment to make sure the value you offer is clearly understood by anyone who communicates with you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Principles of Engagement: Learn the science behind what makes people want to pay attention and how to apply it to your everyday communication.
  • The Voice: Discover how to use the most powerful tool you have for engagement, so you can make sure people don’t just hear you, but care about what you have to say.
  • Body Language 101: If what we’re communicating with our body contradicts what we’re saying, we run the risk of losing trust. Here, you will come to understand how an effective posture can build trust, and how the right hand gestures can influence.
  • Storytelling for Connection: In this section you will learn the basics of good storytelling and how to use them to influence and motivate action in others.