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1300 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

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Hotel Reservation Policy

By making a hotel reservation you agree that you understand and will abide by the policies:

The NAA has contracted with the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis for an inventory of rooms to be used for Conference requirements. Because of this agreement, NAA is responsible for selling a substantial portion of the inventory during the event. If NAA does not sell these rooms, we must pay for them. While we recognize that plans change for our attendees, it is our responsibility to accommodate individuals who are attending the event. As a result, we are communicating the following housing policies to help you better understand the reservation process:

  • First priority for hotel reservations will be given to those who register to attend
  • Everyone with a hotel reservation must register to attend Conference by June 2.
  • The NAA discounted room rates are guaranteed until the cutoff date of June 9 or until the NAA inventory or rooms are sold out, whichever comes first.
  • Reservations made after the cutoff are not guaranteed to receive the NAA group discounted rate.
  • Inventory of rooms are based on availability at the time of booking.
  • A valid credit card is required for each hotel reservation.
  • Only two hotel reservations can be made per name.
  • If plans change unexpectedly resulting in the need to release a room, all room cancellations and/or reassignment, up to July 9, must be processed through the NAA Housing Bureau so that NAA can fulfill its contractual obligations with the hotel.
  • Conference attendees may not redistribute or re-assign a reservation to another attendee, guest or individual without permission or knowledge by the NAA Housing Bureau.
  • Cancellations received after June 9 will result in a charge of one night’s room and tax and will be enforced by the NAA.
  • A valid credit card is required for each hotel reservation. Credit cards will not be charged until arrival at the hotel.


  • $185 single and double occupancy (1-2 ppl per room)
  • $210 for triple occupancy (3 ppl per room)
  • $235 for quad occupancy (4 ppl per room)
The Hyatt is offering the following guest room upgrades, based on availability at the time of booking, at the following premiums:
  • Deluxe Kings $10 additional per night
  • Executive Suites $30 additional per night
  • Park Suites $100 additional per night
  • Select Suites $150 additional per night
  • VIP Suites $300 additional per night
  • Premiere Suites $450 additional per night

For more information on the various rooms, click here.

NAA guests will enjoy the following complimentary services, at no additional cost:
  • Complimentary wireless Internet in the guest sleeping rooms
  • Complimentary wireless Internet in the hotels’ public spaces
  • Complimentary 24 hr Access to StayFit Athletic Club
Note: This information is subject to change at any time, without notice.


The NAA discounted rate and inventory of rooms are guaranteed until the NAA inventory is sold out, or until June 9, whichever comes first.


The NAA inventory of rooms are for Conference attendees and are available for the nights of Tuesday, July 13 – Friday, July 16, (based on availability at the time of booking). The NAA did not contract extra rooms before or after the conference dates. However, should you desire to arrive early or stay a day later, you may check the hotel’s availability online. It is typical for a hotel to sell available rooms outside the NAA inventory at higher rates.

Should you need further assistance, please contact


By booking a hotel reservation, you agree to abide by the NAA hotel reservation policies described above.

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Book over the phone: 
National Hyatt Regency reservation service

Please provide the following information:
  • Hotel name: Hyatt Regency Minneapolis (located at 1300 Nicollet Mall)
  • Conference name: National Auctioneers Association (or NAA)
  • Conference dates: July 13 - 17, 2021


If you experience issues with booking a reservation, please contact Bonnie Stephenson, NAA housing coordinator or 913-563-5420 (housing department) or 913-340-0174 (direct). The NAA conference housing service is available for a couple hours each day, Monday – Friday, during conference season (February – July). If you call and receive a voicemail, please clearly leave your name and phone number. Your call will be returned typically the next business day.