About Conference & Show 2021

The National Auctioneers Association is celebrating 72 years of auction excellence at our in-person and virtual 72nd International Auctioneers Conference and Show Hybrid Event, July 13-17, 2021. Minneapolis promises to kick off a fantastic return to in-person events. And for those who can't attend in person, we'll be offering the best virtual experience possible so you don't miss a thing! All of the benefits of Conference & Show listed below will be accessible virtually, as well. Take the plunge!

From the welcome party to hallway conversations, the opportunities to network at Conference & Show are many. Meet new people, connect with good friends, and expand your business network around the world.

NAA education is the best auction industry education in the world. With 19+ outside speakers and the industry's best instructors, you are guaranteed to learn something you didn't know before attending Conference & Show. 

Trade Show
Everyone needs tools to run their business and the Conference Trade Show is full of solution providers ready to help you work smarter, more efficiently and increase effectiveness.

The International Auctioneer Championship is the jewel of Conference & Show. Every year we crown two auctioneers as the best of the best at bid calling, stage presence, and industry knowledge. These auctioneers go on to represent the NAA in a variety of roles. In addition, the International Junior Auctioneer Championship highlights up and coming young talent.