Opening Sessions

The 2020 Virtual Conference & Show will feature daily opening sessions with welcome and keynote speakers.

Tuesday Keynote

Future Casting, What's Next?

Mark Polon, CCIM

A successful and profitable business requires a well-built crystal ball. To remain profitable in uncertain times requires a great deal of research into the greater economy and your trade area. Profitability hinges on your ability to plan ahead, and planning ahead is difficult, but rewarding. Specificity regarding what you sell and who you sell it to can lead you to staying at the top of your game. This session will help identify what you need to plan ahead and how doing that can lead to a more profitable and successful business. 
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Wednesday Keynote

Understanding and Influencing the Modern-Day Consumer

Justine Rapp Farrell, Ph.D.

Knowing how consumers process information and make decisions is one of the most fundamental elements to a successful business model. Consumers are influenced and motivated by myriad of internal and external factors that serve to elevate business-to-consumer relationships and inevitably help any business entity succeed. Consumers are constantly evolving – both personally and as dictated by the environments around them – and it is our job to keep up! This session will share current trends in consumer behavior and how your business may leverage this knowledge to enhance your marketing tactics and improve your marketing outcomes.
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Thursday Keynote

Leading with Emotional Intelligence 

Hank Clemons, Ph.D.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become a crucial part in how today’s leaders meet the challenges they face daily. These skills are integral to decision making, empathizing with co-workers and friends, communicating vision to staff, overcoming challenging workplace situations, and staying resilient. The hallmarks of a true leader can be acquired and when they are, they can significantly impact employee performance. This session delivers the practical knowledge and skills you need to ensure you are an emotionally intelligent leader.
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