Thursday Keynote: Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Hank Clemons, Ph.D.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become a crucial part in how today’s leaders meet the challenges they face daily. These skills are integral to decision making, empathizing with co-workers and friends, communicating vision to staff, overcoming challenging workplace situations, and staying resilient. The hallmarks of a true leader can be acquired and when they are, they can significantly impact employee performance. This session delivers the practical knowledge and skills you need to ensure you are an emotionally intelligent leader.

Upon completing this session, you will be able to:
  1. Define Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  2. Explain the value of EI
  3. Describe the “Then” approach to leadership
  4. Describe the “Now” approach to leadership

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About Hank Clemons, Ph.D.

Hank Clemons, Ph.D., is the Founder and CEO of the Society of Emotional Intelligence – a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing emotional intelligence into practice in all walks of life including schools, families, organizations, and communities. Clemons is also an Executive Emotional Intelligence Coach to leaders and organizations. As a coach, he partners with individuals to identify their strengths and development areas that are used to create an action plan that leads to increased performance, productivity and overall well-being.