Tuesday Keynote: Future Casting, What's Next?

Mark Polon, CCIM

A successful and profitable business requires a well-built crystal ball. To remain profitable in uncertain times requires a great deal of research into the greater economy and your trade area. Profitability hinges on your ability to plan ahead, and planning ahead is difficult, but rewarding. Specificity regarding what you sell and who you sell it to can lead you to staying at the top of your game. This session will help identify what you need to plan ahead and how doing that can lead to a more profitable and successful business.

Upon completing this session, you will be able to:
     1. Identify your trade area
     2. Determine trends that will influence your profitability
     3. Describe your customers and their buying habits
     4. Evaluate the viability of your current business model

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About Mark Polon, CCIM

Mark Polon, CCIM, is President at Polon Consulting in Middle Haddam, Conn. During his 35 years in commercial real estate, he's had extensive experience in office properties and appraisals. Prior to 2010, Polon was President and COO of RIISnet, a web-based transaction platform for commercial real estate. He also served at the corporate level as Senior Executive Vice President for Prudential CRES, a national commercial real estate franchise system, and as Vice President of Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate. Polon has been a CCIM Institute instructor since 1989. He was recognized CI 101 Instructor of the Year by CCIM faculty in 1998 and 2005.