About Conference & Show 2020

Anyone can buy a surfboard and call themselves a surfer, but they might just end up floating around the ocean waiting for their ankles to get grazed by a shark.

The real challenge is: How do you become a great surfer?

The first step is in knowing the kind of waves you want. The surf report might say the waves are 9 out of 10 today, but those reports are for experienced surfers. Those waves are not for learning. On the contrary, what those surfers consider flat might just be your perfect training ground.

Finding the right kind of waves is half the battle. You should know which waves are suitable for you, what variables create ideal waves, and how to read the forecast. Waves are classified by things like size, power, shape, surface conditions, speed and direction. Surfers also take into account variables like swell, geography, wind, profile of the sea floor, tides and type of surf spot. All of those factors go into finding the wave suitable for you. Being great certainly takes a lot of education and a lot of work.

By spending 80 percent of your sessions in waves that suit you, you will learn to surf faster.

Conference & Show offers suitable waves for all experience levels. From novice to veteran, everyone has something different they need from Conference. Those needs are also classfied by many things like how you came into the business and which asset class you’re selling. And, they are affected by variables like location and local/national economy.

You won’t learn if you never get in the water, and you won’t grow if you don’t keep learning. Will you wipe out? Probably. Waters have been known to be choppy. Will you pop up and endure a paddle battle in order to punt and pull off an aerial? With some practice, you could! The important part is not what happens to you out there, but rather how many times you get back out there and try again. That is what makes people great.

The auction industry is changing. Whichever wave is suitable for you, we’re here for the ride. Prepare yourself, but jump in. Believe in yourself and learn to Hang Ten.

The wave is coming. Are you ready?