About Conference and Show 2019

In-between the world-class food and vibrant music, get down to business and celebrate 70 Years of Auction Excellence. In New Orleans, the NAA “comes marching in” with its annual International Auctioneers Conference and Show, hosting 900+ auction professionals from around the world. Expect to experience game-changing gatherings that inspire free-flowing ideas while forging deep connections. Meet and greets have a musical beat, fostering energetic collaboration and spirited deliberations.

New Orleans is hot, so come inside and be cool as we kick off Conference week with a keynote address that is both captivating and inspiring.

Pó Boy and oh boy! This year, the trade show floor is so big, it’s easy to access more than 50 education sessions and exhibitors’ products and services, all in one room.

Going under cover is the only way to dress as we kick off the week with a masquerade-themed Welcome Party on the Mississippi River. Steeped in tradition and magnificence, the President’s Gala and Hall of Fame awards ceremony allows us to get all jazzed up in our Sunday best for an evening of inspiration and celebration. But wait, it’s not over just yet! Friday is the day to rally and finish the week strong with the electrifying International Auctioneer Championship!

Come one, come all to celebrate 70 years of Auction Excellence in New Orleans – the birthplace of jazz.